The following dams have produced 4 or more Canadian Champions as recorded
by the CKC to the end of 2001. Last update Oct.27, 2002.

# Ch.  Name                    *=Canadian bred  (USA indicates American owned)

18. Ch.Kaydees Renascent Rho's*

15. Ch.Naibara's A Saint I Ain't*

13. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Rare Reflection*

12. Ch.Blythewood Shenn Of Annfield

11. Ch.Naibara's Almost An Angel*

10. Ch.Naibara's Be My Valentine*
    Ch.Sensation's Amanda C*

9. Massawippi In For a Penny*
   Am.Can.Ch.Sumerwynd Standing Ovation (USA)
   Wee Mites Victoria*

8. Ch.Annfield Rave Review O'Shantay*
   Ch.Frontenac Franc Pirate*
   Ch.Kelly's Tickle My Fancy
   Ch.Postillion Pirates Pearl

7. Ch.Annfield Justa Jewel*
   Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Just In Jest*
   Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Just One Like Me*
   Ch.Frontenac Aveline D'Audigny*
   Am.Can.Ch.Jasper's I'm a Sweetheart
   Ch.Jukebox N Boz Giggles Galore*
   Ch.Jukebox Speaker Of The House*
   Ch.Massawippi The Ring Bearer*
   Ch.Penlan Penny Stock
   Ch.Priam's Polyxena Anfiger
   Ch.Sylva Sprite Arietta*

6. Ch.Annfield Choral Cadenza*
   Ch.Annfield Very Vogue*
   Ch.Blythewood Name That Tune
   Ch.Bowsers Seventh Wonder*
   Am.Can.Ch.Empire's Dark Angel*
   Ch.Empire's Dual Dimension*
   Jadees Junebug (USA)
   Ch.Jukebox Swoozie Kurtz*
   Ch.La Splendeur D'Audigny*
   Ch.&OTCh. Marwyn's Lonelm Inquisitive*
   Ch.Minuteman Pyromania*
   Ch.Naibara's Midnight Rhapsody*
   Ch.Rampage's Think Minuteman
   Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Jungle Fever*

5. Ch.Annfield Sure Return*
   Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Very Much In Touch*
   Ch.Blythewood All Dressed Up
   Am.Can.Ch.Blythewood National Asset
   Boxerly Siobhan*
   Ch.Cedarwill's Little Poppie
   Ch.Cestrian's Gold Digger*
   Ch.Debessiere Miss Kella*
   Ficelle D'Orford*
   Frontenac's Fancy Hot Pants*
   Ch.Frontenac's Heidi Ho*
   Ch.Jukebox Bucknekkid Lady*
   Ch.Jukebox N Broadway Primnproper*
   Ch.Jukebox N Goldwill's Cha Cha
   Kaydees Tara*
   Ch.Koerad's Midnight Serenader*
   Ch.Loriden's Luffley Of Naibara
   Ch.Marwyn's Thrillz 'N' Chillz*
   Ch.Minuteman These Boots*
   Ch.Naibara's Black Eyed Susan*
   Ch.Naibara's Winning Strategy*
   Ch.Penlan Puppet On A String
   Am.Can.Ch.Somerset Satin Doll
   Ch.Suelen Evening Stargazer
   Sumerwynd Society Page (USA)
   Windy Hill Moonglow (?)

4. Ch.Advocate's Misty Maiden*
   Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Oh So Very*
   Blackwitch Cassandra Belle
   Blythewood Angel Debessiere
   Ch.Bowser's Lucky Seven*
   Boxdema She-Wants-Diamonds
   Caldorra's Annaliza*
   Ch.Captain's Choice V Brittanhof
   Ch.Cedarwill's Sammie Kaye
   Cosburn's Noranda*
   Am.Can.Ch.Dee-Tee's Miss E
   Ch.Evalill Exquisite Elf*
   Ch.Fortown Innocent Love*
   Ch.Fortown Takin Advantage*
   Ch.Frontenac Cleopatra's Pearl*
   Ch.Frontenac's Poupee De Luxe*
   Ch.Jena's Joanna*
   Ch.Jo An Alaur's Anastasia*
   Ch.Jukebox N Broadway's Wizardry*
   Ch.Jukebox N Copperkettles Raven*
   Ch.Jukebox Precious Bunny*
   Ch.Karlshof Kantresistor
   Ch.Kasseidon Double Debut*
   Ch.Kaydee's Silver Shadow*
   Ch.Marwyck SD Comet (?)
   Ch.Minuteman's Green Eggs And Ham*
   Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Wensday Addams*
   Ch.M-Key's Dow's Hanky Panky
   Ch.Moondreamer's Calico*
   Ch.Naibara's Glowing Embers*
   Ch.Naibara's Total imp Partiality*
   Opalmis I'm Woman Hear Me Roar*
   Pawzazz's Misty Maid of Mugs*
   Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Blue Heaven*
   Rosehill Graham Cracker*
   Ch.Sensation Tribute To Frontenac*
   Ch.Silvercastle Spring Bouquet*
   Am.Can.Ch.Stargazerr's Shoot The Moon*
   Sylva Sprite Carissima CD*
   Sylva Sprite Topflight Jan*
   Tammashann's Janlen Frosteek
   Ch.Tanyetta Sumerwynd Limerick*
   Walsh's Expert Flirt