The following is a listing of all sires who have been recorded as having
produced 5 or more Canadian Champions. Last update Oct.27, 2002

# of Ch.     Name       *=Can.Bred.  (USA indicates American owned)

38. Am.Can.Bd.Ch.Blythewood National Newsman

37. Ch.Bandsman's Imprint

26. Am.Can.Bd.Ch.Cestrian's Court Jester*

23. Am.Ch.Regency's Right On Target (USA)
    Am.Ch.Rampage's Representative (USA)

22. Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Eleventh Hour*

20. Ch.Naibara's Midnight Special*

19. Am.Can.Ch.Jukebox 'N Spyglass Buckaroo*

17. Am.Ch.Blythewood Ewok Von Der Stars (USA)
    Ch.Jukebox Ozymandis*
    Am.Can.Ch.Karlshof Kudos

16. Am.Can.Ch.Bandsmans Early Edition
    Am.Can.Ch.Portofino D'Audigny*

15. Ch.Jonaire Pocono Gladiator
    Am.Ch.Landmark's Masterpiece (USA)
    Am.Can.Ch.Sylva Sprite Snowy Mittens*

14. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Yes Yes Yes*
    Am.Ch.Blythewood Shooting Sparks (USA)
    Am.Can.Ch.Jukebox 'N Blessingtons Mazroc*

13. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Ever Ready*
    Am.Can.Ch.Caldorra's Returning Ace*
    Am.Can.Ch.Kaydees Snow Ranger* 

12. Am.Can.Ch.Dow's Perry Ellis
    Am.Can.Bd.Ch.Moondreamer's Presumed Innocent*
    Am.Ch.Penlan Peter Gunn (USA)
    Am.Ch.Sky Rocket's Bound To Win (USA)

11. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Oh For Sure *
    Am.Can.Ch.Benrook Beau Brummel
    Am.Ch.Bandsman's Newsprint
    Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman*

10. Ch.Massawippi Troubadour*
    Ch.Naibara's It's Hard To Be Humble*
    Am.Can.Ch.Repitition's Gremlin O'Wil-O-Be
    Am.Can.Ch.Scandal's Dark Dream Of Bowser*

9. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield In Very Good Time*
   Am.Ch.Rampage's Express Mail (USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Sensation's What Next CD*
   Ch.Walsh's Frosty Charmer CD (USA)

8. Ch.Annfield Hitchhiker*
   Am.Can.Ch.Blythewood GI Joe *
   Ch.Debessiere Baron Noir*
   Am.Can.Bd.Ch.Frontenac's Bigfoot*
   Am.Can.Ch.Naibara's Wizard Of Awes*
   Ch.Onotio Scout*
   Am.Can.Ch.Redrose Gimme Moore*
   Am.Can.Ch.Skyline's Blue Spruce(USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Sumerwynd Bandsman Showoff (USA)
   Ch.Tannenbaum Sunday Punch*

7. Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Just Top Dollar*
   Am.Can.Ch.Annfield Touch N Go*
   Ch.Blythewood GM Maverick 
   Am.Ch.Blythewood National Acclaim (USA)
   Ch.Blythewood Thundercloud
   Am.Can.Ch.Esquire Of Marienhof
   Am.Ch.Gailwind's Village Gossip
   Am.Can.Ch.Hobo 2nd*
   Ch.Jukebox Bosley Tenor Clef*
   Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman 100 Rifles*
   Ch.Minuteman Bump In The Night*
   Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue*
   Ch.Pawzazz's Mister Magoo*
   Am.Ch.Penlan Paperboy (USA)
   Ch.Rosehill Poco's Impression*
   Am.Ch.Skyline's Star Spangled Banner (USA)
   Am.Ch.Sky Rocket's Uproar (USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Wilkern Killarney Dandy

6. Am.Can.Ch.Blythewood From The Terrace
   Am.Ch.Blythewood His Magesty (USA)
   Ch.Born To Boogie D'Audigny*
   Am.Ch.Dow's Evergreen (USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Dow's Twenty One Gun Salute 
   Ch.Fortown Karakter Plus*
   Fritzlar's Carl*
   Am.Ch.Jerry O's Sharpshooter O'Daree (USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Kelly's Pretty Boy Floyd
   Ch.Naibara's On The Move*
   Am.Ch.Penlan Pawnbroker
   Ch.Richlene's Wildfire
   Ch.Sir Oliver Debessiere*
   Ch.Videmar N Jukebox Major Sandor*

5. Am.Ch.Aljamar PM Lightning Bug (USA)
   Am.Ch.Bardon's Ringmaster Rococco
   Ch.Blythewood Blue Max
   Am.Ch.Blythewood Ricochet Of Lamay (USA)
   Ch.Buco's Brannigan*
   Ch.Canton Talisman D'Orford*
   Am.Ch.Caradin Fancy That
   Ch.Cascade's Willi Wumper*
   Ch.Copperkettle's Double Decker*
   Am.Can.Ch.Diroy The Little Conquerer*
   Am.Ch.Eclipse Shadow Of the Sun (USA)
   Am.Can.Ch.Empire's Distant Galaxy*
   Am.Ch.Feldmar Nightshade (USA)
   Ch.Fronsen Gypsy*
   Ch.Frontenac's Village Bouncer*
   Am.Ch.Jadee's Hush Up (USA)
   Ch.Landmark Spy Of Rosehill
   Am.Ch.Marchiem Poppin Fresh (USA)
   Am.Ch.Penlan Promissory (USA)
   Ch.Repitition's Pawzazz Indigo 
   Am.Can.Ch.Sandcastle's Ladies Choice (USA)
   Am.Ch.Sathgate Breakaway (USA)
   Ch.Scandals Point Of Light*
   Am.Can.Ch.Sumerwynd Still Sizzlin (USA)
   Am.Ch.Valharra's Dionysos (USA)
   Am.Can.Mex.Ch.Windy Hill Defiance (USA)
   Am.Ch.Wy-O's Reputation (USA)