Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Madrid


"Carmen" finished her Canadian title with group wins over some of Canada's top terriers. She's a Best Puppy in Show winner in the US, with a five point major at the Chicago "International" AMSC National Specialty weekend in February 2009, and multiple breed wins over specials to finish.

First Award of Merit at Hatboro, Carmen made the final cut for the breed at Montgomery '09 under Jim Reynolds.

"Carmen" (at 14 months)

Update: Another Youtube clip - Carmen at Montgomery Co. 2009

                        --Am.Can.Ch.Sandcastle's Merlins Shadow
             --Can.Ch.Sandcastle's Goodguyswearblack
                        --Am.Ch.Sandcastle's Shadow Love
  --Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman
                        --Can.Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue
             --Benalta's Blue Suede Shoes
                        --Conlar Illusion Of Benalta

Can.Ch.Minuteman Madrid

                        --Can.Ch.Minuteman Bump In The Night ROM
             --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Hide The Cat
                        --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Eat Tigers
  --Can.Ch.Minuteman What's New Pussycat
                        --Am.Ch.Elete's Rob Roy CD
             --Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Blue Heaven
                        --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Think I Can