Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Heroes


Finished in four days, with a Group 1,
Clark finished with 3 majors in the US, with a 5 pt win at the MSC of Michigan in September of 2001.


                        --Can.Ch.Sandcastle Goodguyswearblack
             --Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman ROM
                        --Benalta's Blue Suede Shoes
  --Aust.Can.Ch.Minuteman To The Batmobile
                        --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Eleventh Hour ROM
             --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Wensday Addams
                        --Can.Ch.Rampage's Think Minuteman

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Heroes

                        --Ch.Sandcastle Goodguyeswearblack
             Am.Can.Ch. Benalta Batman ROM.
                        -Benalta's Blue Suede Shoes
  --Ch. Minutmeman These Boots
                        --Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue ROM
             --Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Jungle Fever ROM
                        --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Think I Can