A word about Guarantees

It is becoming more and more common for responsible breeders to offer written guarantees on the dogs that they sell. When these documents are properly written and motivated by a desire to protect the dog, the breed and the buyer, they are a valuable part of the sales process.

However, some breeders use the guarantee as a sales device, and to protect themselves from future liability. For example, in the Miniature Schnauzer breed it is well known that there are several inherited diseases that do not manifest themselves until the dog is 3 years or older. (Progressive Retinal Atrophy is usually diagnosed between 3-6 years).

With this in mind, some breeders state a time limitation on their guarantee that reduces the likelihood of a buyer ever receiving compensation -in effect ensuring that the document expires before problems are likely to occur! In fact, by signing such a document, a purchaser may be signing away their right to pursue compensation by agreeing to the breeder's limitation of liability.

Another popular loophole with some guarantees is a clause stating that your dog must be returned or euthanized before compensation or a replacement is issued. While no responsible breeder should ever refuse to accept a returned animal, it is also true that no responsible breeder would force a pet owner to give up or put to death their sick or blind pet prematurely for a few hundred dollars! Disreputable breeders know this, and exploit it in their guarantees.

The Minuteman Guarantee

(standard pet/non-breeding guarantee - animals sold for show and breeding purposes have more comprehensive terms)

I, Catherine G. McMillan, do hereby guarantee the above described dog shall remain free of serious inherited defects that would affect its ability to function as a pet. In the case that such a defect should appear, upon verification by a qualified veterinarian, I shall refund the purchase price or replace the dog with one of equal or greater value, whichever the purchaser prefers. Return of the dog is optional.

Should the situation arise that this dog must be placed in a new home, I shall take it back for the purpose of placement. Proceeds of sale (if any) will be forwarded to the owner after CKC transfer fees, veterinary and/or advertising costs are deducted. Board will not be charged. Note: the monetary value of a pet animal over two years of age may be substantially less than the original purchase price.

This guarantee is null and void upon any evidence of abuse or neglect. Chronic obesity and/or poor hygiene constitute neglect. To remain in effect, this dog must receive annual veterinary checkups and treatment as prescribed. This dog has been sold as pet stock only with sale subject to the signing of a Canadian Kennel Club non-breeding agreement. Breeding this dog in contravention of that agreement shall render all guarantees null and void.

All documents issued at Minuteman are signed by all parties, witnessed and dated