At Sven's suggestion - this is the long (edited) version!

From: Sven Guckes
To: Kate McMillan
Subject: Re: shooting up them ISP supporters

Hello, again!

But why do you ssh to at all? You could have your email forwarded to your home address and answer them from there!

> I do that sometimes - but with building my webpage and emailing
> attachments, etc. from a third server, I find I'm always coming here
> to remove the forward file. Hassle.

Kate - please use "scp" to copy files from your local machine to another. Mailing data is just a workaround when no scp is available.

> I compose on the freenet because the time is free. SFN doesn't offer
> scp. Only pine 3.96. (Western computer link uses pine 3.91!)

[Sven suggests learning mutt]

> So, to use mutt, I must come here - learn vi to compose
> my replies, deal with the lag... getting the picture yet?

Well, you don't need to learn everything at once. Just put "set editor=pico" into your $HOME/.muttrc and will learn mutt much quicker (I think).

> Sven -always remember this - I have used no other computer besides
> this old XT. I have zero training, besides what I've picked up on
> my own. I must do all of it online. When I got on the net about a
> year ago, on a OSF1 UNIX shell, the ip did not provide any information
> or help manuals.
> Upon login, I was informed that pine, lynx or gopher, ncftp, telnet,
> tin, and psswd were the commands available. No mention of man pages,
> editors (pico and vi), file managing, w or who, etc. etc.

I guess "they" never knew that you are able to learn.
Did you tell them you are a woman? ;-)

> When I first put some pics of my work on the net, I would drive 30
> miles to the city, have them scan and enter them into my files. I
> was never told that I had the ability to add or delete, create files...
> And when I mentioned it, they told me "no" that I couldn't.

Have you shot those guys yet?

> When I asked if I could telnet in to get my mail, they said,
> "no" that I couldn't. Well, yes, I can, and I have.
> So asking my ip for help is pointless.

okok - I got it now.
How about putting this info up on a separate webpage? That's what I do - and when someone asks me then I just give them the URL and have them read...

> None of this is complaining, of course.
> Just want to give you a picture of where I am coming from. :)

Moose country - I know.


"...far faaaaarr awaaaayyyy..."