> There's a discussion on another list that I'm on regarding
> supplements/products that we have to go to the states for. Anyone have
> any that they use to add to the list?

Here's one you proably don't have:

Reality Check [tm]

By supplying natural building blocks that reinforce synaptic connections in the human brain, science gives you the power to help heal and prevent the misonception, that, by adding a mysterious powder or oil to your dog's daily ration, that you can overcome his steep shoulders, poor tailset and round eyes and transform a loser to winner in a matter of 6 short weeks!

And because this research-proven strategy is 100% natural and safe, it can be used year round!

Jerry Bryce, of San Francisco, a breeder and exhibitor of perpetual "also rans", recently made a truly amazing comeback from a 3 year losing streak. Jerry didn't even seem able to take points in bad competition. And when he did, it was due to a slippery floor, an elderly judge and bad lighting.

Jerry was at his wit's end, he'd "broken the bank" trying every new all-natural holy-holistic diet, from Vegetarian Vitality to Carnivore Creation to Energy Enzymes... every new Extra Body Extreme Reconstructing and Highlighting Miracle Shampoo, he'd purchased hand-braided leather leads imported from far flung Italian shores, had invested in matching towels, matching crate beds, matching truck and trailer and, still, nothing worked. His dogs were losers.

Until, the day he stumbled upon Reality Check [tm]! And his life changed!!!

After 14 days on Reality Check [tm], Jerry began to look at his breeding program, weed out substandard bitches, investigate better sires! He looked at his stock with objectivity and saw the flaws that were never apparent to him before he began taking this miracle brain supplement! He went back to the drawing board, and looked at his pedigrees and realized that there existed patterns - the rotten coats he had been trying to feed into correctness were the same rotten coats the grandsire produced in a dozen other kennels! The weak rears weren't due to inadequate protein - they were the same weak rears he'd been unable to see for the past 3 generations!

Jerry threw away the exotic shampoos, the mysterious powders, the magic formulas and began to clean house. He took the money he saved and used it to buy old breed books and research pedigrees, to learn his breed's history, to familiarize himself with the top producing family lines and their traits... and in due time, light bulbs were going off all around him! The money he used to waste on nutritional supplements was spent on travelling to his National Specialty, on shipping his bitches to the best sires he could afford. The answers he used to look for in shiny bottles, and monthly fads, he found in the study of anatomy and genetics.

And since then, Jerry has never looked back! His dogs are winning, their coats shine, their condition is superlative.

The cognitive support structures in Reality Check [tm] are the opposite of supplements, powders and lotions. More importantly, they address the real problem - the breeder! Instead of giving Reality Check [tm] to your dogs, you take it yourself! They are the 100% natural substances already produced by the brain, but suppressed by toxins like Denial and Laziness and Kennelblindness. Taking in these nutrients therefore, is a kind of safe and natural replacement therapy to restore normal, healthy thought. The new safe and effective nutrients in Reality Check [tm] that Jerry Bryce and so many successful breeders take are now available to serious dog enthusiasts. Simply send $20 in cash to:

Kate McMillan
Box 579
Delisle, Sk. Canada
S0L 0P0

And you too, will recieve a month's ration of Reality Check [tm], just like Jerry Bryce did!

And the best part is - they taste like Smarties[tm]!


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