Tail Female Pedigree Survey
I've compiled info gathered on pedigrees of several of our breed's pivotal bitches. Most I tried to select on the basis of being foundation bitches in prominant families, or the dams of those foundation bitches, but the choices are basically random. When I have more time, I'll do updates.

I did the sampling thus:
I brought up a 5 generation pedigree at Ben Laible's mspedigree.com on each bitch. In the 5th generation are 32 ancestors, of which 16 are female. I traced each tail female line back, on the bottom tail female line, to the first apparent import.

These are the sum total of the bitches I found at the bottoms of these female lines. There were no others, save for a single occurance of a German bitch who came in through import of a son.

Ch.Amsel VD Cyriaksburg is far and away the most represented, which was my expectation. She was the foundation of Marienhof, along with the two daughters she whelped upon arrival from Germany. Amsel left lines through 6 daughters, 2 sons.

Can.Ch.Nette V Mumingtal is still represented in some lines. The first Canadian Champion, she was owned by Anne Eskrigge. She left two producing daughters.

Christel VD Fallerburg shows up sporadically as well, through two daughters. She also had a son.

Alma VD Zunkunft also leaves modern lines of descendants, all those coming down through a great grandaughter of mostly Marienhof breeding, Amarantha of Ravenroyd. She appears to have been acquired by Marienhof, and so is represented in a few tail-female bitch lines.

Galeria V Abbagamba. Any pedigree rich in Glen-Sed (Sky Rocket) will have lots of Galeria behind it. She was a black. She left three daughters.

Showing up twice only, through different daughters, is Elfe V Bretanopark, though she is shown leaving 4 daughters and a son.

Adford's Tam Terrific 

Penlan Cadet Too Penlan

Suelen Upsee Daisy Suelen
Amsel	Christel
13	  3		

Felds Segelschlitten Feldmar
Amsel 	Nette	Galeria*  Alma	
 6	  2       7        1
*lots of Glen Sed linebreeding

Minquas Blythe Spirit  Blythewood
Amsel	Christel  Alma  Carmen Heinzelmannchen [germany]
13        1       1        1

Orbits Lift Off Skyline
Amsel   Nette	  Alma*
 7        2       7
*6 lines due to being linebred on Melmar's Jack Frost

Peni Pride of Ramel Platz Rampage
Amsel  Christel   Alma
13        1       2

Jana PD  Regency
Amsel  Nette     Alma   Elfe 
10        3       2	   1

Jobie Repitition
Amsel  Nette    Galeria  Christel  Alma
10        1       3        1       1 

Hilda V Sole Baye
Amsel  Nette    Galeria  Alma   Elfe
10        2       2       1      1

La May's LIttle Goldilocks Fancway
Amsel   Alma
10        6 

Fancway's Vampira  Valharra
Amsel   Alma   Christel
14        1      1

12 bitches, with a total of 7 tail female ancestors in 192 bitch lines. 138 end in Ch.Amsel VD Cyriaksburg. And wait till you look at Display's background ... 14 of his 5th generation female tail lines trace to Amsel. One line traces to Frefrau Heinzelmannchen (Germany) and the last to Ch.Halowel Vega. (in fact he traces to Amsel a total 68 times!)

For all intents and purposes, this suggests that our breed is currently comprised of the genetic contribution of Amsel, Display and about 3 other bitches. While there were other imports, especially among blacks, they take up very small percentages of the overall picture. All totalled, I doubt they'd take up more than 1% of the gene pool, though it may be slightly higher in color bred families.