Am.Ch. Sandcastle's Valiant Robin


Robin is an American top producing sire. He is a heterozygous black, carrying both the salt&pepper and black&silver gene.

Test bred to a bitch affected with retinal dysplasia, he produced 9 normal eyed puppies (a tenth was unexaminable). Other breedings to high risk bitches have likewise resulted in normal eyed litters.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Wild Imagine Nation
Finished with 3 5pt majors.

Ch.Riobel Glamourous Girl
Winners Bitch, Hatboro '07

Ch.Riobel Giorgio El Ganador

                        --Am.Can.Ch.Sandcastle's Merlins Shadow
             --Can.Ch.Sandcastle's Goodguyswearblack
                        --Am.Ch.Sandcastle's Shadow Love
  --Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman
                        --Can.Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue
             --Benalta's Blue Suede Shoes
                        --Conlar Illusion Of Benalta

Am.Ch.Sandcastle's Valiant Robin

                        --Am.Ch.Sandcastle Lunar Ecliplse
             --Sandcastle's Moonraker
                        --Sandcastle's Cloud Dancing
  --Am.Ch.Sandcastle Moonlite 'N Stardust (b/s)
                        --Am.Ch.Sandcastle's Gunsmoke Hero
             --Am.Ch.Sandcastle Midnight Reflection
                        --Sandcastle's Shadow of Belgar