Am.Can.Ch.Reggae Indulgence

23 career Bests In Show
BISS at AMSC Chicago, 2002
BISS at MSCC National, 2004
Canada's #1 MS for 2002 and 2004.

                        --Can.Ch.Sandcastle Goodguyswearblackr
             --Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman
                        --Benalta's Blue Suede Shoes
  --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear
                        --Can.Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue
             --Can.Ch.Kaydees Minuteman Roses R Red
                        --Can.Ch.Kaydees Silver Shadow

Can.Ch.Reggae Indulgence

                        --Am.Can.Ch.Skyline's Blue Spruce
             --Am.Ch.Elete's Rob Roy
                        --Tomei's Dandy Brandy
  --Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Blue Heaven
                        --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Eleventh Hour
             --Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Think I Can
                        --Can.Ch.Rampage's Think Minuteman

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