Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Eleventh Hour
Nov.11, 1987 - March 31, 2002

Minuteman Minis have earned over 200 Championship titles on 5 continents since 1983. They include Best In Show, Group and National Specialty winners on both sides of the border, along with top producing sires in Canada, the US and Australia. (Typically, there are about 8 puppies born here in a year.)

Breeding show dogs - or good ones, that is -can be an extraordinary challenge. The successful breeder must be geneticist, emergency technician, midwife, personal trainer, nutritionist, artist, ethicist and canine psychologist.

It doesn't hurt to be a little obsessive compulsive, as well.

FLASH! Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Colder Weather -- Montgomery County KC Group Fourth, October 6, 2019

Home of the #1 Miniature Schnauzer and #1 Producing Sire in America for 2017

Breeder of the #1 Miniature Schnauzer and owner/breeder of #1 Producing Sire in America for 2018

The Honour Roll

Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman
(1995 - 2008)
Youtube video

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear
(1996 - 2007)

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman 100 Rifles
(1998 - 2013)

Am.Can.Ch.Reggae Indulgence
(1999 - 2013)
23 Best In Shows

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Locomotion
(2005 - 2013)

Beauideal Minuteman Smoooth

(2002 - 2017)

AmCan.Ch.Minuteman All About Flyfishing
(2008 retired)


AmGCh.CanGCh.Minuteman Colder Weather


In just four short weekends as a new special
"Colder" was ranked in the top five Mini Schnauzers in the US,
AMSC Best of Breed, and Group 4th at Montgomery County KC, 2019.

American and Canadian Best In Show and National Specialty winner
and #1 MS in Canada for 2019.

All by a mere 16 months of age, always owner-breeder handled.


Can.Ch.Minuteman Boardwalk


Roadie was just getting started when COVID interrupted.
Best in Sweeps at AMSC Montgomery County KC, 2019
he quickly finished his Canadian title and has two 5 pt majors
in the US, including Best of Winners at Hatboro 2019 as an
eight month old puppy. .


AmGChG.CanGCh.Minuteman Justified


The #1 Miniature Schnauzer in the US (all-systems) for 2017!
#1 Miniature Schnauzer in Canada - 2015
All-breed Best in Show and AMSC National Specialty.Winner
Winner of 12 breed specialties and three BIS (lifetime)
All owner-breeder handled. Co-owned by Vickie Boechler.


Am.GCh.Can.Ch.Minuteman Goldikova


In the group at Montgomery County, October 7, 2012
after winning the AMSC National Specialty.
The #1 Miniature Schnauzer bitch in America for 2012!


Am.GCh.Can.Ch.Minuteman Safety Last


Best of Breed - Westminster Kennel Club, 2013
Canada's top winning Miniature Schnauzer of 2012

Currently At Stud

AmGCh.CanCh.Minuteman Toxicology
Multiple US Specialty winner
test-bred 99% clear for retinal dysplasia

AmGChG.CanGCh.Minuteman Justified
Multiple BIS and US Specialty Winner
"The moving machine"

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Up With The Birds
#1 Sire in the US - 2017 & 2018
At stud in Ontario.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Colder Weather
Multi-Specialty and BIS,
Gr.4 Montgomery County 2019

Can.Ch.Minuteman Boardwalk
Our exciting new youngster!
Best in Sweeps, AMSC MontCo 2019

Other photos and pedigrees of Minuteman dogs, past and present.

In The Ring

Introducing new AmGCh.Can.GCh.Minuteman Colder Weather, an American title as a puppy, and his Canadian title winning a group his first day out, "Colder" showed his promise early. Already a group placer in top US terrier competition, watch for him throughout 2019 and beyond.

Am.Can.Ch.Life Is Sweet our stylish "Sweet Justice" daughter won her class each day at Montgomery County 2018, then finished at Sacramento in 2019 with a Specialty weekend major, followed by a Canadian title that included group placings. "Diva" is co-owned with Vickie Boechler.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Groupie Doll is just that - a doll! She finished in Canada going Best of Opposite at the MSCC National Specialty, and in the USA taking BOS at the Northern California MSC, in April of 2017

Introducing "Raylan" - AmGChG.CanGCh.Minuteman Justified.

After finishing his AKC title in a 5 day sweep of the points (with two breed wins over specials) Raylan's Canadian title came in three days in May of 2015 with consecutive group firsts. The next weekend out, he won four more groups and two Bests In Show, finishing the year as #1 MS in Canada with very limited showing.

With 9 specialty wins, 10 groups and a Best in Show, "Raylan" achieved #1 Miniature Schnauzer - all systems - in the US for 2017, the first Canadian dog to ever do so. Among the highlights, he was BISS at the AMSC National, and placed in the group at some of America's most competitive events, including Great Western and Orlando.

Our "Golda" baby New Am.Ch. Minuteman Sweet Justice went out a couple of weekends to "help make the major" and came home with two of her own and a group first from the 6-9 puppy class! She completed her AKC title with a 5pt major at the MSC of Michigan, and another a week later going Best Opposite Sex at Hatboro KC. In her first appearance as a special, she was rewarded with an AOM at AMSC Montgomery County (2014).

Returning to the ring briefly in 2015, "Ava" capped off her career with Best of Opposite Sex at both Hatboro and AMSC Montgomery County -- the only two days she was shown!

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Toxicology finished his AKC title with Best of Breed from the Bred by class at the Twin Cities MSC in an entry of 135 - Schnauzapalooza weekend! "Doc" was also Best Bred by in Show, and teamed with Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Underworld, Best Brace in Show at the same event.

As a special: Best of Breed at Devon, with three Awards of Merit, "Doc" was the most consistant dog shown on Montgomery County weekend for 2013. He started 2014 with a splash winning the Portland MSC specialty, and taking another BISS at Michigan in September.

Am.GCh.Can.Ch. Minuteman Goldikova - Best of Breed: 2012 AMSC National Specialty (Montgomery County), under Ken McDermott

Named for the 3-time winner of the Breeder's Cup Mile, "Golda" won two 5pt majors in the shadow of Churchill Downs in March, 2011 on the AMSC roving national weekend in Louisville, KY. In her next appearance at the MSC of Southern California, she was Winners and BOS over America's top specials to finish with her third 5 pt major, repeating the BOS win the next day as a special and going Select at the AMSC national.

Click for video

Golda finished 2012 the #1 bitch in the US and a "top three" schnauzer all systems, with multiple group wins and placements in the company of America's top terriers!

Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Venus Flytrap is a Best In Show and multiple group winner and the top ranked Mini Schnauzer bitch in both Canada and the US (Schnauzer Shorts and Knight system) for 2011.

Venus is a group winner in the US (the Terrier Club of Salt Lake specialty in September), along with multiple group placements, BOS and/or Select awards on all three 2011 national specialty weekends.

Update! Returning to the ring as a veteran in 2016, Venus stole the show, going Best of Opposite Sex at AMSC Great Western under respected judge Linda More!

Am.GCh.Can.Ch.Minuteman Safety Last. The #1 Miniature Schnauzer in Canada for 2012, "Sprite" was handled and co-owned by Krystal Mason. Winner of the MSCC 2012 National Specialty, the MSC of Michigan and first Award of Merit at AMSC Montgomery County, he began 2013 in style going Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club!

In 2018, Sprite returned to the ring as an 8 year old veteran! to win the MSCC National Specialty, and two Canadian all-breed Best in Shows. This he followed with group placings in the US, before heading to Montgomery Count weekend where he scored Best of Breed at Hatboro KC, and Select Dog at Devon.

Introducing Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Spanish Fly. Best of Winners from the 6-9 puppy class at AMSC Montgomery County 2012, on her second day in the ring, "Vixen" finished quickly in both countries, was Select at Hatboro, and a group winner in Canada. Handled and co-owned by Krystal Mason.


Am.GrCh.Can.Ch.Minuteman Underworld - After a puppy career that included three specialty Best In Sweeps wins, Racket finished by going Best of Winners at the MSC of Southern California, and received an Award of Merit in his first appearance as a special at AMSC Great Western.

"Racket" then returned to the ring in Canada, where he finished going Best In Specialty at the MSCC National. (2011)

On 2011 Montgomery County weekend, he scored an award of merit at Hatboro and the AMSC National, and Best of Breed at Devon!

Click for video

Flash! Best in Show at Regina K&OC, May 20th, 2012!

A litter brother to "Underworld", meet Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Metropolis. A breed winner from the classes, and Best of Winners at AMSC Montgomery County 2011, "Gotham" finished early in 2012, going Best of Winners at the Portland MSC. Click for video

After finishing in Canada as a puppy, Eng.Can.Ch.Minuteman Hook, Line And Sinker at Deneens travelled to Mrs. Ann Reeves in the UK. "Hooker" began her show career in August at the Welsh Kennel Club, where she was Reserve CC in an entry of 46 bitches, followed by her first CC at the Darlington Championship Show in September. Hooker scored her second consecutive CC, taking Best of Breed with 69 dogs competing, at the Driffield Championship Show. and finished her title on Dec.5 with another breed win at the British Utility Breeds Ass'n ! Hooker is the first Canadian-bred Miniature Schnauzer to finish in the UK!

Schnauzer of the Year - Schnauzer Club of Great Britain, March 6, 2010


Rolling the Miniature Schnauzer show jacket

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