2009 Miniature Schnauzer Sire Survey

Taking the pedigrees of the 81 dogs listed in the 2009 Schnauzer Shorts Stud Register, I've created pie charts to illustrate the share of the gene pool being taken up by certain tail-male ancestors. I chose those dogs who are currently forming their own secondary sire lines, and the notable super sires of the past whose names we should all recognize.

Click here to see full chart: Secondary Branches(pdf)

The second chart groups these secondary branches into the major branches of Display sons: Ruffian (divided into Sky Rocket's Upswing and Uproar), Delegate (all lines pass through Penlan Paragon), Tribute (Ruedesheim's Bonus) - plus the single non-Display male line from the black import, Jovinus Rodin Of Anfiger.

Diplomat does not show up at all. That's a little alarming, in my opinion.

Click here to see full chart: Major Branches(pdf)

Of course, there are other stud dogs out there who are not advertised in Schnauzer Shorts, so this is by no means a "scientific" survey of the breed. But it does provide a useful snapshot into what is going on in our sire lines, and indicates that if you've got a decent Delegate, Tribute or Diplomat branch dog out there, it's time to get busy and get some of his sons on the ground and into the ring.

By way of comparison - how things looked in 1970.

Dogs Surveyed


Ch.Regency's Double Agent Ch. Abacus Rainmaker Ch. Almar & Bella's Bassa Nova Twist Ch. Beauideal It's Raining Men Ch. Beauideal Texana Man Ch. Bella's Cassanova Twist Ch. Blackwitch Too Easy Ch. Blackwitch Trend Setter Ch. Carmel Invincible Ch. Carmel Race To Kelvercrest Ch. Destineez Running Brave Ch. Hyline's Carmel With A Twist Ch. Jo-Di's Deal Me In Ch. Kaydees When Yur Hot Yur Hot Ch. Kelvercrest The Piano Man Ch. Orleans Fils Gris De Twister Ch. Orleans Fils Noir De Twister Ch. Paragon How Do You Like Me Now Ch. Regency's Twist Of Fate Ch. Repitition's Cliffhanger Ch. Sathgate Black Watch Destined Ch. Adamis Frontrunner Ch. Tag-M Iceman Runneth Ch. T-Lan's Carmel Superman Ch. Wards Creek Only The Best For Adams Ch. Wards Creek's Blackout Ch. Wards Creek's Nightly Bisiness Ch. Rampage's Representative Ch. Attaway Cliff Notes Ch. Blackwitch Super Express Ch. Destineez High Jumper Ch. Destineez Texas Ranger Ch. Hardinhaus Bootsrmade4walkin Ch. Hardinhaus Roaring Rampage Ch. Hardinhaus Rythem & Rhymes Ch. Jo-Di's Aces High Ch. Karlshof Kasa Nova Ch. Kingsway King Of Swing Ch. Mai-Laur Black E-Nam-L Ch. Regency's Game Breaker Ch. Regency's Good To Go Ch. Repitition's Busta Rhymes Ch. Ruedesheim's Jasn Hi Performance Ch. Ruedesheim's Gigolo Ch. Ruedesheim's Hi-Tech Ch. Spring-Along Night Rider Two Ch. Wards Creek's Medicine Man Ch. Wards Creek's Rocket Man Ch. Irrenhaus Blueprint (excluding Rep lines) Ch. Annfield It's A Riot Ch. Annfield Turn Turn Turn Ch. Belgar's Desert Sand Ch. Belgar's Hi Time V Shado Ch. Bravo's Top Of The Mark Ch. Christens Vegas Kwatee V Jo-Di Ch. Jo-Di's Deuces Wild Ch. Lion'L A-Train Of Hansenhaus Ch. North Pine Stay In Arizona Ch. Sunfire Bel-Don The Trucker Ch. Sunfire Eighteen Wheeler Ch. Wards Creek's Hot Tip Ch. Wards Creek's The Dealer's Choice Ch. Regency's Right On Target Ch. Spring-Along Midnight Frost Ch. Spring-Along Ride The Wind Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce (excl. Target/Blueprint/Rep lines) Ch. Beauideal Minuteman Smoooth Ch. Caylaway's Cool Hand Luke Ch. Fellow-Cilla VD Vanenblikhoeve Ch. Minuteman All About Flyfishing


Ch. Sky Rocket's Bound To Win Ch. Garnet Rock's Maestro Bernstein Ch.R-Bo's Victory Flash Ch. Bravo's Cosmic Charm Ch. Bravo's Secret Caper Ch. Bravo's The Great Gatsby


Ch. Penlan Peter Gunn Ch. Kelvercrest Benchmark Ch. Carmel Klassi Take A Chance Ch. Sha-Boom Of Hansenhaus Ch. Diamond D's Black Eyed Pea Ch. Penlan Paragon (excluding Peter Gunn lines) Ch. Baws Renegade of Hansenhaus Ch. Carolane's Ghostbuster Ch. Kelvercrest Carbon Copy


Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus Ch. Jo-Di's Megabucks Ch. Karlshof Kavalier Ch. Ms Chevious Christens Norsegod Ch. Ruedesheim's Adonis


Ch. Jovinus Rodin Of Anfiger Ch. Blythewood Going Places

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