2009 Miniature Schnauzer Bitch Survey

Using the pedigrees of the 57 bitches listed under New Champions in a year of Schnauzer Shorts magazines (March/April 2009 to Jan/Feb 2010 issues), I've created pie charts to illustrate the share of the gene pool being taken up by the tail male ancestors. The methodology used is the same as for the 2009 Sire Survey.

Click here to see full chart: Secondary Branches(pdf)

The second chart groups these secondary branches into the major branches of Display sons: Ruffian (divided into Sky Rocket's Upswing and Uproar), Delegate (all lines pass through Penlan Paragon), Tribute (Ruedesheim's Bonus) - plus the single non-Display male line from the black import, It.Ch.Malya Gunter.

Of note: The Uproar portion of the Ruffian branch, already in retreat in males lines, is not represented at all.

Click here to see full chart: Major Branches(pdf)

Of course, there were new bitch champions who were not published in Schnauzer Shorts, so this is by no means a "scientific" survey of the breed. But it does provide a useful snapshot into what is going on in sire lines behind our next generation of breeding bitches.

Bitches Surveyed


Ch.Regency's Double Agent Ch. Dreamaker's Hearts On Fire Ch. Nicknack Sings For North Pine Ch. Elete's Whistling Gypsy Ch. Destineez Singing In The Rain Ch. Destineez Jazz Fix Ch. Regency's Ready To Rumble Ch. Blythewood Siena Rose Ch. Sumerwynd Sunflower Ch. Manits Sogni d'Oro Ch. Allaruth's Project Runway Ch. Rockyhill Trackers Just Chill It Ch. Rockyhill Twisted Hot To Trot Ch. Emerald Isle's Shenanigan Ch. Allaruth Pixie Gold V Sole Baye Ch. Empire's I Am Music Ch. Brookhaven's Cracker Of Emerald Isle Ch. Regency's Monte Carlo Rose Ch. Kwic Talk About Me Ch. Crojas Final Rose Ch. Repitition's Jolee's Dream Girl Ch. Carmel Hannah Montana Ch. Carmel Look To The Future Ch. Emerald Isle's Shenanigan Ch. Rampage's Representative Ch. Blackwitch Roxee Red Delite Ch. Myla's Love Never Fails Ch. Wy-O's Lightning Bug Ch. Wy-O's Sister Power Ch. Repitition's Imbrezzion Ch. Gangway's Mission Accomplished Ch. Tejas Whodunnit Ch. Kharasahl's Lacee Knickers Ch. Kharasahl's Racee Knickers Ch. Hardinhaus Coalminers Treasure Ch. Axcium's Kickass Ch. Axcium's Rise & Shine Ch. Repitition's B Seventeen Ch. Blackwitch Maybe Delite Ch. Hardinhaus Sparkle And Shine Ch. Savannas My Move Busta Ch. Myla's Diamonds Are Forever Ch. Scandals Town Flirt Ch. Char N' Co I Drove All Night Ch. Irrenhaus Blueprint (excluding Rep lines) Ch. Fairway's Floating Flower Ch. North Pine's Nestle Arizona Star Ch. North Pine's Kylie Stay In Arizona Ch. Wards Creek Sweet Talker Ch. Regency's Right On Target Ch. Sathgate Black Watch Grand Finale Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce (excl. Target/Blueprint/Rep lines) Ch. Tomar's She's All That


Ch. Penlan Peter Gunn Ch. Scandal's I Hope You Dance Ch. Minuteman Madrid Ch. Minuteman I Got Cat Style Ch. Penlan Paragon (excluding Peter Gunn lines) Ch. Jebema-Hilgirt Tonight-Tonight


Ch. Ruedesheim's Bonus Ch. Mojave's Miss Congeniality


Landmark's Masterpiece Ch.Loneacre's Spring Fling Ch. Yorkhill's Anneke Of Hansenhaus Ch. Aurora B Of Hansenhaus


Malya Gunter Ch. Myztique Amalfis Charlie's angel

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