Miniature Schnauzers bred and owned at Minuteman, past and present

In rough chronological order - click on dogs' names for pedigrees and more information

Can.Ch.Naibara's Be My Valentine ROM

The foundation bitch for Minuteman Kennels, "Peras" produced 4 litters. Of these (total of 18 puppies) 10 became Champions, and another earned her CDX. Her first litter produced Ch.Minuteman's Go Dog Go - a Best In Show winner and Canada's top winning Miniature Schnauzer of 1985. She appears many, many times in the pedigrees of our current winners and top producers, through the interweaving of the descendants of three of her get: Ch.Minuteman Bump In The Night, Ch.Minuteman I Must Be Dreaming and Ch.Minuteman's Green Eggs And Ham. When you look in the face of a Minuteman Mini and see small dark eyes, and a heavy black mask, there is a little bit of "Peras" looking back at you.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Bump In The Night ROM

"Dodger" (1985 - 1999) was the last producing son of Am.Ch.Skyline's Star Spangled Banner and responsible in large part for what Minuteman is today. Used very sparingly, he was a Canadian top producer from a total of 20 puppies sired during his lifetime. Today, his champion descendants number into the hundreds, worldwide.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Eleventh Hour ROM

"Badger" (1987 - 2002) was a Best In Specialty Show and multiple group winner, and a top producer in both Canada (22 Ch.) and the USA (6 Ch.). Among his get are two US Specialty BB Winning daughters, the youngest MS to win a Canadian National plus numerous group and best puppy in show winners.
DNA tested NORMAL for myotonia congenita

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Hide The Cat ROM

"Spike" (1994 - 2007) spent time vacationing in Australia, where he sired 9 Australian and 2 New Zealand Champions, followed by more in the US and Canada after his return. A group winner, he finished his title in the US taking his majors on Specialty weekends. "Spike" was nominated to the MSCC Register of Merit in 2009.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Eat Tigers

"Frankie" (1990 - 2004) was a multiple group winner, with placings in the US. She was Canada's top winning bitch of 1991.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Evergreen Everblue ROM

"Dylan" (1991 - 2006) was a multiple group placer in Canada and the USA. He was also a Canadian top producing sire.
dna tested NORMAL for Myotonia Congenita.

Can.Ch.Zetroepe Doz She Or Dozn't She

"Jet" (1989 - 2005) was bred by Debbie Jestin and remains the youngest MS to have won a Canadian National Specialty. She was just over 10 months old and owner breeder handled to her wins. Also a Best Puppy In Show winner.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Think I Can

"Gidget" (1991 - 2003) was Best In Specialty at the Chicago MSC in 1994, and finished with another breed win the weekend of the Portland MSC a month later.

Am.Can.Ch.Benalta Batman ROM

"Bruce" (1995 - 2008) finished in the US with a sweep of the majors at AMSC Great Western weekend. A top producer, with multiple group wins in Canada and a Specialty Best in the US. Natural black, never touched with color!

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear

"Sharky" (1996 - 2007) finished his American title by going BW at Montgomery County, followed with 9 career BIS in Canada! An American and Canadian top producing sire. More here...

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Brand New Set O'Lies

"Madison" is owned by Priscilla Wells (Aachen) and was a group winner in Canada as a puppy. Dam of a two American, a Canadian and an Aust.Can.Champion.

Aust.Can.Ch.Minuteman All My Rowdy Friends

"Rowdy" (1995 - 2008) was the sire of several Australian champions, and a Group and Specialty winner 'down under'.

Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Jungle Fever CD ROM

"Danger" (1993 - 2008) was bred by Kim Greenway (Reggae) and won a best puppy in show her first day in the ring. She finished her US title quickly, going reserve at AMSC Montgomery County enroute. A Canadian top producing bitch. (6 Champions)

Am.Can.Ch.Reggae's Blue Heaven ROM

"Heaven" (1995 - 2008) was a group and 4 time Best Puppy In Show in Canada, before debuting as an adult in the US. She won 4 consecutive majors in her first 4 shows, including WB at both the Michigan MSC and the Delaware Valley MSC (Montgomery Co. weekend). She is a top producing dam in both Canada and the US.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Wensday Addams

Foundation bitch for Mary Paisley's successful "Tomar" kennel in Wisconsin, "Wensday" (1993 - 2005) finished her US title by winning a group first. She was a Best In Specialty Show winner and champion producer as well.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Snakes 'n Ladders

"Fun" (1994 - 2010) finished her Canadian title going Winners at the MSCC National in 1996. Champion producer with a BIS winning daughter in Brazil. Fun was dna tested NORMAL for Myotonia Congenita.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Tendeadcats

"Voodoo" was shown only briefly, finishing quickly as a young puppy. Shown only a couple of times as an adult, he is a group winner and Canadian top producing sire.

Can.Br.Gr.Ch.PanAm.Ch.Minuteman Windwalker

"Wind" was a multiple group winner with 2 Best In Shows in Brazil. Read more about him and his get at Sailers, in Brazil.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Walk This Way

"Walker" (1997 - 2010) was a champion sire.

Can.Ch.Minuteman These Boots ROM

"Kicks" (1997 - 2010) was reserve winners at the Chicago AMSC National during her show career, and became a Canadian and American top producing bitch.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Choose Your Weapons

"Choosy" completed her title in 5 days, winning 2 group firsts enroute. She now resides in South Africa.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman 100 Rifles

"Posse" spent his early stud career in Australia, where he sired several group and BPIS winning get, to finish his US title in three straight shows. He is now a Canadian and American top producing sire.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Better'N Candy

"Whitney"(1998 - 2010) was the foundation for Riobel Kennels. Owned by Isabelle LaPointe and Mario Roy of Quebec. She was a multiple group placer, champion producer, and US pointed.

Aust.Can.Ch.Minuteman To The Batmobile

"Robin" was a puppy in show winner in Canada, and completed his Australian Championship in May 2000, undefeated in the breed and a Group winner. He is also sire of an all-breed BIS winner there, as well as the first black Grand Champion.

Am.Can.Can.Ch.Reggae Heavenly

"Angie" debuted in Canada with 3 group firsts and a BPIS.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Heroes

"Clark" finished in 4 days, as a puppy, with a group first. He made up his American title with a 5 point win at the MSC of Michigan specialty along the way.

Am.Can.PanAm.Brz.Gr.Ch.Bda.Ch. Beauideal Minuteman Smoooth

"Carlos" is a multi-group winner in Canada, and finished quickly in the US. An all-breed Best In Show winner during his brief stay in Brazil, and group winner in Bermuda. A "top producing" sire in the US.

Am.Can.Minuteman Repitition Romantica

"Madeline" finished with three 5pt majors in the US. A US top producing dam, with more on the way.

Can.Ch.Minuteman Faster Pussycat ROM

"Rogue" finished her title owner-handled by Jennifer East. She is a multiple group placer and champion producer.

Am.Can.Kaydees The Quick And The Dead ROM

Best of Opposite Sex at the 2004 MSCC National Specialty, "Wyatt" completed her title in the US with four majors in early July 2005. Thankyou to my good friend, Kay Deveyrac for selling me this beautiful bitch! Her first litter produced three Champions, including a BIS winner in Brazil.

Am.Ch.Sandcastle's Valiant Robin

A Best in Sweeps winner at AMSC Great Western, Robin finished quickly and is a multiple champion producer in the US before coming to Canada. Test bred 99.7% clear for retinal dysplasia.

Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Stray Cat Strut

The new "star" at Minuteman! BW, Best Puppy at the MSCC National to finish in Canada, he debuted stateside by going WD at Hatboro (5 pts) and finished with four majors, including Best of Winners at Greater Columbus MSC 2006 and Cactus State MSC 2007.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Fixation

"Focus" is a Canadian and American Champion at just 10 months of age. His US title quest included 5 majors, a Best Puppy In Show and breed wins. He is now in China, where he scored a group first his first weekend in the ring.

Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Locomotion

"Diesel" finished both titles by 8 months of age. At his first appearance at Montgomery County 2006, (still a puppy), he was first Award of Merit at Hatboro. Watch for him to be shown occasionally as he matures.

Can.Ch. Minuteman Death Valley Days

"Sarge" finished his title with group placings, most of his points earned owner-handled by Nicole Bremner.

Am.Can.Ch. Minuteman Wild Imagine Nation

"Lacey" finished her Canadian title with a group first enroute, and her US title with three five point majors. Owned by Kathy Wood, "Imagine" Miniature Schnauzers.

Am.Can.GVN.BGrd.PanAmGrd.Brs.PanAm.Ch.Minuteman Dead Or Alive

"Gunner" finished in Canada with a Group First, and his US title with four majors, including a breed win over specials. Owned by David Reis, he has 6 Best In Shows (to date) in Brazil, earning his GVN (Grand National Winner) in December '08.

Am.Ch.Minuteman Love Letters

"Emily" finished with two five point majors, and is owned by Dr. Lisa Sarvas. Sired by Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear ex Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Repitition Romantica. A photo of Emily moving is here.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Amore

"Arrow" is a group placer in Canada, and finished his title quest with three majors, including Best of Winners at Devon, 2007 and a breed win over 9 specials. Owned by Kurt Garmaker, he resides at Repitition and is already a champion producer. Sired by Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear ex Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Repitition Romantica.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman I Love Lucy

"Lucy" - Best of Winners at AMSC Roving National, in Portland, January 2008! Sired by Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman No Fear ex Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Repitition Romantica.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Dead Cat Bounce

"Rally" finished his AKC Ch. in 11 shows, with three majors (all breed wins), and his Canadian title in 3 shows, with a group first and Best Puppy In Show - all by 9 1/2 months of age! He's sired by Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Stray Cat Strut out of Am.Can.Ch.Kaydees The Quick And The Dead,

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Madrid

"Carmen", the last Batman daughter, is a breed winner and a Best Puppy in Show winner in the US.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman All About Flyfishing

Finished in the US in February 2010 with three majors, including specialty and breed wins. Meet him here!

Am.Ch.Paragon's Focus On The Gold

Dude has recently joined the crew at Minuteman. A moderately sized dog of exquisite schnauzer type, his pedigree suggests he may prove useful to those seeking a partial outcross for bitches of predominantly Ruedesheim/Rep lineage.

Am.Can.Ch.Minuteman Venus Flytrap

Our latest BIS winner! Watch for her in 2011 on both sides of the border.

Am.Ch.Minuteman Goldikova

"Golda" finished her AKC title with three national specialty weekend majors! Watch for this fabulous bitch at selected shows in the US in 2011.

Am.Ch.Minuteman Underworld

Our hot new "puppy" finished at the Miniature Schnauzer Club of California in June, 2011. His title quest included a group placement and three specialty Best In Sweeps.