This is what I do.

And I'm pretty good at it. No friskets. No preliminary sketching on the paint surface. I just go in and paint freehand. And I'm relatively fast at it. (The "leopard" took about 4 hours.)

Actually, I did two of them that day...this is the other one.

2' by 3' display pieces, painted on sheet metal in automotive basecoat/clear coat.
The images were adapted directly from photographs.

I paint a lot of goalmasks and helmets. I sometimes wonder a little about hockey players. I really wonder about about goalies. Who in their right mind would pay to put artwork on something that you shoot 90mph frozen pieces of rubber at?

Customer comments

dirtbike truckhood drag helmet Biteme helmet rat helmet heres johnny eagle giger dryden darth vader darth maul daffy crouching tiger spiderman web taz alien flags eagle/flag wiley runner hawk feathers trex vet tazz legg helmet moose rottie

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Painting a helmet

I pretty much paint anything.

... and why I hate painting flames

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