The SBFH Practices Dispute Resolution



"Yes, is this El Tit kennels?"

"Leteet kennels."

"I'm looking for a So N. So from El Tit kennels, is that you?"

"Well, I'm So N. So, but this is Leteet Kennels."

"Funny - I could swear they said it was El Tit."


"Well, the reason I called is this.."


"I have the rest of your manure and I need to know where you want it."

"I didn't order any manure."

"It was a gift."

"Well, don't deliver it. I don't need any manure."

"Just doing my job, ma'am. If I don't dump the rest of it somewhere, how am I supposed to pick up my next load?"

"That's your problem. I don't want any manure."

"OK. I'll get you to sign for it, though, or I'll catch hell from the foreman."

"What do you mean 'sign' for it? Where are you?"

"Outside. I'm calling from my cellphone. I need you to sign off on the first load."

"Huh? What first load?"

"The one in your pool."

copyright 2000, Catherine McMillan

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